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To show you advertisements on the Internet that you may see when you visit websites and apps, such as on social networks. The ads displayed may be random, but on other occasions they may be ads related to your preferences or purchases and browsing history.

If you use social networks, we may provide certain information to the companies we work with so that they can show you ads  and, in general, offer you and users like you advertisements that take into account your profile on the sites of these social networks. If you want information about the use of your data and how advertising on social networks works, we recommend that you review the privacy policies of the social networking sites in which you have a profile.

We also use your data to perform segmentation measurements and analysis on the ads that are shown to users on some of our collaborators' platforms. To do this, we work together with these third parties who offer us the necessary technology (e.g. cookies, pixels, SDKs) to use these services. If you would like more information on this, please consult our Cookie Policy.

Data implementation: When we collect your personal data from a variety of sources, we may consolidate it in certain circumstances for the purpose of improving our understanding of your needs and preferences regarding our products and services (including for analytics purposes, creating user profiles, marketing studies, quality surveys and improving our interactions with our customers). This refers, for example, to how we may combine your information if you have a registered account and, using the same email linked to your account, make a purchase as a guest or with automatically filled in information (such as IP addresses and MAC address or metadata)

To carry out promotional actions (for example, to organize competitions or to send the list of saved articles to the e-mail address you indicated). By participating in any promotional action, you authorize us to process the personal data you have shared with us depending on the promotional action and to disclose it through various means such as social networks or the Platform itself. In each promotional action in which you participate you will have the terms and conditions available through which more detailed information will be provided regarding the processing of your personal data.

To disseminate on the Platform or through our channels in social networks, photographs or images that you have shared publicly